Selected Films

Selected Films


Welcome and Goodbye? 2014 90′ DE Directed by Nana A.T. Rebhan


Häuser erhalten. Räume eröffnen! 2014 24′ DE Directed by Daniel Kunle & Holger Lauinger
The Nature of The City 60′ EN Directed by Throughline Production


Best Before 32’ EN Lang/UT English Directed by Benedict Mann


A New We: Ecovillages and Eco-Communities in Europe 2014  120′  EN Directed by Communities and Ecovillages in Europe
In transition 2.0 2012 66′ EN Directed by Emma Goulde


Voices of Transition2014  66′ DE Directed by Nils Aguilar Lang/UT EN/FR/SPA  mit DE UT


Wir Könnten Auch Anders 2012 Lang/UT DE  89′ DE  Directed by Daniel Kunde und Holger Lauinger
Macht Energie/Energized 2014 91’ AT Directed by Hubert Canaval


Retrospectiv- Excerpts from Vincent Moon’s Films 4o’ c.a. Directed by Vncent Moon FR
Mietrebellen 2014  78′ DE Lang/UT DE Directed by Gertrud Schulte Westenberg & Matthias Coers
Ecumenopolis, city without limits TR, 2011, 93 min Lang/UT Türkisch, englisch, deutsch mit engl.UT Directed by Imre Azem


Borei Keila UK 2013 52′ FR Lang/UT FR/ Khmer mit DE UT Directed by Anna Katharina Scheidegger
Catastroïka 2012 87′ GR Directed by Katerina Kitidi und Aris Hatzistefanou


Future suspended 2014, 35′ UK Directed by Ross Domoney


Detroit What Is She Going to Find On The Couch?  2014 54′ FR Directed by Camille Gallard
Les Maisons Ont Des Racines  2014 17′ FR Directed by Sidonie Rocher


Short Movies from the Film Arche


DESIS presentation + DESIS in the Mirror – Milan Polytechnic A Project By 2013-2014 Francesca Piredda, Andrea Mendoza, Elisa Bertolotti – Federica d’Urzo.

Amplify Project by Parsons University NY Directed by Rachel Lehrer & Adam M.
Brooklyn-The Waterfront & NY on Wheels Lang/UT ENG - Directed by Rachel Lehrer & Adam M.

DESIS DesignMatters California
Safe Agua Chile
Creative Director / Lead Faculty: Ming Tai Directors / Senior Designers & Animators: Gurkan Erdemli & James Kim
Hands in the Mist – Directed by  Erik Anderson


Ambulante Film Festival Mexico


El Futuro en Nuestras Manos

Gente de Mar y Viento

Los Hilos de Vida de las Mujeres Jaguar


Behind The Couch Directed by Veit Helmer


Quando Sinto Que Já Sei2014 BR Directed by Antonio Lovato, Raul Perez e Anderson Lima


LT22, Radio “La Colifata”2007 94′ ES


Dominio Publico BR 2014,  98’ Directed by Paêbirú Realizacoes Cultivadas


We don’t like Samba DE 2014, 42′ Produced by CIS-Berlin CIS Berlin


Niagara Falling US, 25′ Directed by David and Hi-JIn Hodge


The Golden Temple 2012 IT 2012, 70′, EN subtitles Directed by Enrico Masi


The Golden Temple 2012 70’ IT mit EN subtitles Directed by Enrico Masi


Tor zum HimmelDE 2003 Directed by Veit Helmer


AbsurdistanRU 2008, 88′, mit DE UT Directed by Veit Helmer


The Power Of Community: How Cuba Survived PeakoilEN 2006, 53′ Directed by Faith Morgan


Vivir La Utopia ES 1997, 95′, ES oder DE synchronisiert Directed by Juan Gamero


Saudade (Sehnsucht)2003, 58’ EN Directed by Sonja Schenkel
Lullaby of Tomorrow Lang/UT Hebrew, Arab, English subt. Directed by 4 protagonists; facilitated by Sonja Schenkel


OMSCH AT 2013 83’ DE, mit EN/FR Untertiteln Directed Directed by Edgar Honetschläger
AUN AT/JAP 2014 ,140′, DE UT Directed by Edgar Honetschläger.


LegacyUSA, 106′, EN UT Directed by Hi-Jin and David Hodge


Sad But True DYI film crew


Ndim Ndim 2005 EN, 8’ ZA Directed by Marta Qumba


Geschenkt Wurde Uns Nichts 58’ Directed by Eric Esser


Bringing it Home 2014 52’ EN Directed by Linda Booker Lang/UT English


Seaman 2014 USA 8′ EN  Directed by Kazim Karaismailoglu
Tuvalu1999 101′ DE Directed by Veit Helmer


Solo Te Puedo Mostrar El Color2009, 26’ ES mit EN UTDirected by Fernando Vilches


Die Wirklichkeit KommtDE 2014, 84′Directed by  Niels Bolbrinker


Un Monde Sans Humains2012 96′ FR mit DE UT Directed by  Philippe Borel


The Living Theater:Paradise Now 1970 105′ USA Directed by Sheldon Rochlin


Reverend Billy’s Performance at Wall Street Directed by AlterNation


Noviembre 2003 104′ ES Spanisch Directed by Achero Manas


Special Talks/Guests

Nils Aguilar
Holger Lauinger
Achmed Khammas
G. Schulte Westen- berg & M. Coers
Susanne Dzeik
DESIS Network
Elisabetta Fanti – Milano Film Festival
Veit Halmer
Moana Mayall
Enrico Masi
CIS Berlin
Sonja Schenkel