Parallel Crossings screenings at la Galerie du Buisson / Paris

10394534_795736263852885_1278135065983407071_nParallel Crossings moves to Paris.
A first step, that will take place in a contemporary art gallery, la galerie du buisson  at the end of februar, the 27&28 th februar and the 1st of march.
Here you get the full program.
We will meet around the topic of the “right to the city”. This political concept was developed by the french sociologist Henri Lefebvre in 1968.
In 2015, whereas we are all stuck in a worldwide global crisis, we want to ask us and to try to find together answers to the question:
How to reclaim our right to the city ?

Through a programm of films and linking discussions, and also a sound installation based on the book of Italo Calvino “The invisible cities”, we will search for the spirit of Babel, to link together cinema, poetry, urban development, geopolitics and resistance.

Two films made by young french artists who dared to travel to the “rustbelt” in the USA and immerge themselves in the ruins of the american dream in detroit, two films about urban regeneration and eviction of the poors, one in the post genocidal Cambodia, the other in London before the Olympic Games and to finish, an immersion in the megalomaniac Dubaï.”

And a special guest from Istanbul who could speak about the struggle of Gezi Park