Ideenwerkstatt Freudenberg-Areal // Friedrichshain Berlin

Ideenwerkstatt Freudenberg Areal is an initiative born out of a citizen based association (Travekiez-Ostkreuz), which faced with a mega construction plan from an investor, decided to launch a project for neighbors to get involved, gather and discuss ideas on how the potential of such a huge space, could be optimized and used in favor of the inhabitants of the neighborhood. They have a website where one can follow the progress of their battle. They are very active and committed, having organized 3 round tables to discuss the three main neighborhood deficits (green/free space, social housing and schools and kindergarten), demonstrations, and weekly meetings around the property. In constant dialogue with politicians and local authorities, as well as with the investors who own the property, the citizens of Travekiez-Ostkreuz in Friedrichshain are trying to reverse a city planning mistake, by proposing collectively what they envision for their surroundings. If you want to take part in this project or find out more about their initiative, contact the association or the Ideenwerkstatt project directly.

Other videos:

Bürgermeinungen zum Freudenberg-Areal

Blockspazierengang April 2013 – Rote Karte für das Block Monster

Traveplatzfest 2013

Wer erklärt endlich den Wert des Baus?




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