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Bizim Bakkal

Gentrification is threatening to destroy Berlin Investment in real estate is driving up rents and for one greengrocer in the Kreuzberg district, it’s even putting his livelihood at risk. This is why when a neighbourhood greengrocer Bizim Bakkal (meaning ‘our little shop’ in Turkish) recently received a notice that they must vacate their premises the…

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Organismo Parque Augusta

Organismo Parque Augusta is one of the activists groups involved in the movement to save the last remaining piece of Atlantic Forest in that almost of São Paulo. It has been quite a struggle for a few groups, associations and neighbors, that want to influence political/corporate decisions in a city where the relation between humans and…

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Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir Wall St. Performance

Reverend Billiy is a well known american activist and performer, who together with The Stop Shopping Choir, organized a performance in Wall Street to revoke the to be implemented “corporate personhood”, which allows corporations to “fund” political campaigns and what not. Some of the performers are still connected to the legendary Living Theater and continue…

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