alterNation is a documentary film initiative and a web data base for grassroots initiatives worldwide. On this platform, we present community-based projects in many different fields such as politics, food, technology, health, housing, mobility and urban planning. Visitors or inhabitants of alterNation have the opportunity to share information with anyone interested in their initiative and get to know how other groups work in other parts of the world.

Our society is subject to constant change, challenged by economic crises, political turmoil or ever changing natural conditions. There are numerous initiatives and projects worldwide, which display concepts developed by people to deal sustainably with these challenges. alterNation works as an open space for these projects and organizations to present themselves and exchange basic and/or valuable information.

Nurturing immediate democracy through portrayed action, while operating as a hub for knowledge exchange, we invite you to a new time; one of direct bonds between people and their contexts and surroundings from a global perspective. alterNation offers new inspirational tools for the making of a commons-based society, being developed as you read this, open source style, by the creation and maintenance of all the initiatives you will come across on this page.